Verus is a data analytics company that recovers funds for government agencies and their citizens. We pride ourselves on our combination of advanced technology, financial forensics, and legal expertise.

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Our Solutions

Our analytic, recovery, and audit solutions are typically turn-key, require no upfront costs, and are easy to integrate with existing systems.

Unclaimed property

Sales & use tax

The Verus Advantage

Verus is a data analytics company built on three core capabilities: advanced technology, financial forensics, and legal expertise.

Advanced Technology

Big data and artificial intelligence technologies for analyzing massive amounts of data

Financial Forensics

Ability to identify, quantify, and verify funds owed or due to be reported to governments agencies

Legal Expertise

Ability to navigate complex legal and regulatory issues in a variety of domains

Our Clients

We’ve contracted with agencies in 47 states and Washington, D.C.


People We’ve Helped

We’ve helped states recover unclaimed property for millions of families. Very often, these funds are life changing—check out some of their stories.

Do you know a company that’s evading their unclaimed property responsibilities or tax obligations?

Latest News

Not Paid

60 Minutes - April 17, 2016

Audits of leading life insurance companies have uncovered a systematic, industry-wide practice of not paying significant numbers of beneficiaries. Lesley Stahl reports.