Why we’re here

We believe that big data technologies and artificial intelligence can help government agencies increase financial compliance for the benefit of their citizens.

What we do

Verus is a data analytics company that recovers money for government agencies and their citizens. Our analytic, recovery, and audit solutions are typically turn-key, require no up-front costs, and are easy to integrate with existing systems. To build them, we’ve developed three core capabilities:

Advanced Technology

Big data and artificial intelligence technologies for securely analyzing, matching, and appending massive amounts of data

Financial Forensics

Ability to identify, quantify, and verify funds owed or due to be reported to governments and their citizens

Legal Expertise

Ability to navigate complex legal and regulatory issues at the state and federal level

Where we’re going

We got our start by helping states recover unclaimed property held by large life insurers. Within a few years of our launch we had recovered significant amounts of previously unreported unclaimed property, leading to major changes in how the life insurance industry identifies and pays death benefits (see “The Verus Financial Story: Inside the auditing firm that shook the pillars of the life insurance industry“).

Since our beginnings in unclaimed property, we’ve expanded our scope. We now offer services to help state government agencies address multiple financial priorities, including solutions for identifying sales tax evasion.