The Problem

Nationwide, we estimate that sales and use tax obligations are underreported by over $100 billion a year.


$620 Billion

Sources: National Conference of State Legislatures 2012 survey; An examination of the Sales and Use Tax Gap Based on Minnesota Audit Experience, Amanda J. Those Imes 2013; California Board of Equalization revenue estimate for remote sales tax and use tax gap, 2013; Professor P. Cary Christian; Iowa Department of Revenue Retail Sales and Use Tax Annual Report FY 2016; U.S. Census, 2014 annual survey; Verus estimates

Our Solution

Verus TaxDesk uses proprietary third-party financial data and A.I.-based matching technologies to identify tax evaders for state revenue departments.


Identify merchants that underreport sales tax

U.S. merchants underreport sales tax liabilities by approximately $80 billion a year. This includes merchants that don’t register, register but don’t file, or simply report less than the true amount of their of taxable sales. By comparing actual sales to their reported sales, we can identify businesses within a given state that are likely evading sales tax.

Track internet merchants selling into your state

States across the U.S. lose an estimated $23 billion a year due to untaxed internet sales. To help address this problem, we can identify and track each internet merchant’s sales volume into your state.


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